Even though you can ask any child under the age of 10 what they think about 'Frozen', it's telling of the impact that 'Frozen' didn't just get the thumbs up from kids this age but also from critics.

On Rotten Tomatoes in 2013, 'Frozen' picked up a 90% rating and was certified Fresh with a total of 241 reviews. The songs from the movie, of course, became global hits and brought the characters of Olaf, Sven, Elsa, Anna and Christof into popular culture with a bang.

Sure enough, it looks like the sequel is going to do just as well as the first reviews have dropped online last night after the embargo lifted. The key point across most of the reviews, and evidenced in some of the teasers too, is that 'Frozen 2' has a different tone and is a bit more on the darker side - but only just.

EW, for example, cited the fact that the movie "stops just short of letting old things die, but earns kudos for acknowledging that royal families don’t exactly gain their power because of how kind and generous they are." IndieWire, meanwhile, said that 'Frozen 2' "culminates in a wild, windswept mission for Elsa, one that capitalizes on her powers and pushes them to terrifying ends."

Variety's review of the movie called it "anything but a mindless remake," but was a little cool on some of the songs for it. In fact, both the Guardian and Collider seemed to be of a similar opinion on the subject of its songs. Peter Bradshaw's review in The Guardian explained that "...(part) of the strangeness of watching Frozen II is wondering if there will be a specific “sequel” to Let It Go, a new number that takes its sentiments forward in some way, and it is simultaneously a mild disappointment and a vague relief that there isn’t, or not exactly, although there are some hummable, catchy tunes."

In any event, our own review of 'Frozen 2' goes live later today and the movie lands in Irish cinemas on November 22nd.