In the least exciting but admittedly surprising horror movie news to break in the last while, Friday the 13th is getting a reboot.

In case you had forgotten (and you'll be forgiven if you had) the franchise was rebooted a mere four years ago but they've decided that it needs to go again.

Obviously it's all about the money. Since horror movies have been pretty successful of late and there is a great opportunity to make such a movie on a low budget, make loads of money at the box office and then do it all again in the millions of sequels it will inevitably spawn, the studio (Paramount) think the Friday the 13th formula may be just the ticket for them.

Collider report that Paramount moved really quickly in launching a totally new incarnation of the horror after a property swap with Warner Bros who got Christopher Nolan's new one Interstellar. (So does that mean Interstellar is going to be crap? Hope not.)

See the trailer for the most recent Friday the 13th trailer here: