One time rapper / singer / complete tool Fred Durst has lined up his next directorial effort, after the Ice Cube starring The Longshots flopped at the box-office. The film is to be called Psycho Killer and will, somewhat staggeringly, be scripted by the genius writer of Seven, Andrew Kevin Walker. Durst spewed: "I'm going to direct Psycho Killer, written by Andrew Kevin Walker. He wrote Seven, (which) David Fincher directed. I'm very excited about it. It's not a throwaway slasher genre film. It's a very smart, really compelling story about a serial killer on a mission for Satan. It's really interesting and the way it's written - it's so unique. Andy is an incredible writer. It looks like we're going to go into preproduction around August." For those that are extremely perplexed as to how the former Limp Bizkit frontman bagged such an illustrious gig, look no further than David Fincher. The very brilliant director has apparently been offering tips and advice to Durst for years and the two are firm mates. So, at least he'll have Fincher's blessing to steal his style; not like the vast majority of directors who've helmed serial killer flicks in the past few years.