James Franco has signed on to play serial killer, Richard Ramirez in the flick, Night Stalker.

Cinematical are reporting the crazily in demand actor will portray a man currently sitting on death row for the murder of 3 people, the attempted murder of 5, 11 counts of sexual assault, and 14 burglaries. Jesus, that's a serial killer worthy of a biopic nowadays!? That's just a journey on the Red Line Luas. Anyhow, Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell and writer Nicolas Constantine are putting the film together and apparently there's a definite likeness to the crazed maniac/average Dublin scumbag. Have a look at this interview and make up your own mind.

Franco will shoot the film in the summer, as he's currently working on his PhD at Yale. I know, along with hosting the Oscars, starring in cracking films and making his own self-financed productions he just makes you sick, doesn't he? I feel instantly less productive.