Fantastic Four has been one of the most critically-maligned comic-book movies in recent memories, with the rumours surrounding the film like an ash cloud.

As we reported some time ago, its future with Fox is uncertain. In fact, at one screening, a survey was handed out asking fans what should be done next with the film. Allegedly, the outcome of that survey was that it be given back to Disney / Marvel for retooling.

A report surfaced online earlier tonight from DenOfGeek which suggested that a deal had been struck between Fox and Marvel to have Fantastic Four join the pantheon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a reboot scheduled for 2020.

Those rumours have now turned out to be false, with both Fox and Marvel strenuously denying it. The rumour suggested that Fox gave the TV rights to make an X-Men TV series in exchange for Marvel taking Fantastic Four. However, DenOfGeek have now retracted the story and issued an apology.

They've also stated that Marvel and Fox were in contact to refute both stories.

It's a shame, really, because the idea of Fantastic Four returning to Marvel is just... (sigh) fantastic. It's clear that Fox can't seem to get a handle on the property, which is odd when you consider how well the X-Men franchise has worked for them.

Sorry to burst your bubbles, folks.