You can just picture it now; Hollywood executive sitting on the can, hit by a bolt of inspiration:"I know, we'll remake that cult 80's favourite, The Goonies, no, wait, not The Goonies, Flight of the Navigator... that has spaceships, kids love that s***" *flushes toilet*. This really needs to stop; Disney are putting the wheels in motion on a reboot of the engaging Sci-Fi film, after the relative box-office success of Race to Witch Mountain proved there was coin to be made in these ideas. The writer of the infinitely bland Wild Hogs, Brian Copeland has been hired to pen the film, which will then go out to possible directors. The original centred on a boy who boards a alien craft, for the craic, in 1978, but finds that years have passed without him growing a day older when he gets off. It's cracking film, with great special effects for the time, that has deservedly found a home on DVD since its initial flop cinema release. Seek it out if you have kids - they'll love it.