Before there was Henry Cavill, there was almost Nicolas Cage. Yes, way back in 1998, the Oscar winning actor (who seems to have found himself a new career in the cat/meme making business of late) was due to appear in a slightly quirkier version of the Superman story, helmed by none other than Mr. Quirk himself, Tim Burton. From a screenplay by Kevin Smith, with narrative threads drawn from the Death of Superman comic book series, the movie with the working title 'Superman Lives' was to see Cage appear as a flightless interpretation of the superhero. Due to appear as Superman's villains were Lex Luthor, Braniac and Doomsday. Alas, when Cage dropped out in the year 2000, and other various issues came to the fore, Sueprman Lives was not to be.

So whaddaya think, would he have done the role justice? This image, posted by @dcumoviepage on Twitter, ought to give you a taste of what Cage's incarnation of the caped hero might have been like. He certainly fills the suit, that's for sure. Having said that, we're still pretty keen on Cavill.