It's not just a snow plough that Liam Neeson murders drug dealers with, y'know.

He uses a sawn-off rifle, his bare hands, some kind of an axe, and he even uses a tree at one point as you'll see in the trailer. A tree. Who kills someone with a tree?

Liam Neeson, that's who.

'Cold Pursuit', previously titled 'Hard Powder', is the American remake of the Norwegian action-thriller 'In Order Of Disappearance', which starred Stellan Skarsgard in Neeson's role. Playing a mild-mannered snow plough driver who finds his son dead from a heroin overdose, he sets off on a killing rampage to end the drug dealers responsible.

This, of course, sees him using his certain set of skills - namely, being a snow plough driver - to get his revenge. That's pretty much it, in fairness. You've got the always great Laura Dern in there as his wife, 'Gotham' and 'The Wire' alum John Doman and Emmy Rossum from 'Shameless' playing two local cops, and even William Forsythe is in there.

The tone of the movie seems a bit like it's veering into comedy, and to be fair, it makes a lot of sense - Liam Neeson can't keep killing people in unusual ways and it not being something of a parody of itself.

'Cold Pursuit' arrives in Irish cinemas on February 22nd of next year.