Now that he's free from Batman and comic-book movies in general, Christopher Nolan's set his sights on conquering space with Interstellar. The first trailer gives a lot more information than the 90-second teaser we got a few months ago. Matthew McConaughey is a talented pilot and engineer who's been tasked with discovering habitable planets beyond our solar system.

Why? Because Earth is in the depths of a food shortage or, more specifically, another dust-bowl. Don't know what that is? Get a degree in American History and come back to us. You're back? So yeah, stakes are high.

The film was originally meant to be directed by none other than Steven Spielberg and it still has that same whiff of him on it. You can see shades of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, not to mention The Right Stuff, Gravity, Contact and even Apollo 13.

It looks like Nolan really is aiming for an Oscar for this. After all, the release has been held back until December - which is typically when Oscar-buzzing films are released. Not only that, there isn't a cape or Christian Bale in sight. You've also got environmental issues, a strong cast and it's set in space. If it doesn't pick up any kind of Oscar - be it technical or otherwise - we'd be very surprised.

Are we excited? You better believe it. Just listen to that amazing music from the trailer. Sound familiar? It's from V From Vendetta.