A brand new poster to the upcoming Robocop reboot has been released, which you can peep below.

Now, the first thing everyone will have noticed upon seeing the first trailer earlier this week is that Robocop's traditional silver suit has been updated to black and generally streamlined to a much more 21st century look. This might upset some RoboCop purists but we think the new suit actually looks pretty badass, even if it's pretty obvious that the suit's designers took more than a few pieces of inspiration from Christopher Nolan's Batman.

Set in 2028, the film tells the tale of multinational conglomerate OmniCorp - a company at the forefront of robot technology. Joel Kinnaman stars as the unfortunate cop Alex Murphy who undergoes the transformation from man to machine...and then presumably shoots an awful lot of bad guys. We just hope for the return of ED- 209. "You have twenty seconds to comply....!"