We already got a sneak peek at The Hangover 3 via director Todd Philips' Instagram account last month, but now Entertainment Weekly have gotten their Romneys on the first official images from the the third installment of what equates to a film version of The Fear. While plot details are sparse, Philips has said that the film will focus on fan favourite, Wolfpack name-coiner Alan after the death of his father, and from what we can tell it looks like at least one of the places they'll be hitting up is the Las Vegas Strip. The only other cryptic piece of info we have is that "something from the first movie comes back to haunt them". Well we know it won't be Mike Tyson, and considering the below, Chow wouldn't exactly be a surprise, so what could it be? Our money's on either the baby (all grown up of course) or Stu's teeth.