Above is the first image of Hugh Jackman from the movie wherein he plays the titular Wolverine. You're welcome.

Ripped much Hugh? Apparently avoiding carbs after 3pm will give you this kind of body. That or you were carved by angels and dropped down from heaven to bring joy to all our lives. Yep I think I'll go with the latter reasoning. Hitting cinemas in the summer of 2013, as per Total Film, this flick - The Wolverine - which is the sequel to the X-prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine, promises to strip back on all the fuss and focus mostly on the time this popular character spent training in Japan. Fans can expect something a lot more refined here and something certainly tougher than the last time the Wolverine appeared on our screens.

As for more info on the plot? Sorry, I was too busy ogling at this pic to notice. Again, you're welcome.