The Fingal Film Festival may not be one that you’re all too accustomed with, but that’s your own fault, shame on you.

The weekend of film, now in its third year, is starting on the 26th of this month, running through till the 28th, and is set to start proceedings with the latest Coppola film, Palo Alto, starring James Franco and Emma Roberts. Yes Julia's niece.

Ok, here’s the thing, if you’ve gotten excited about a new flick from Francis Ford, you’re about to have your hopes crushed. I should have specified earlier that it’s actually the first attempt from his niece, Gia Coppola, to get behind the camera.

But as it turns out, she’s quite the talented director, as well as writer, having adapted Franco’s book of the same name into an amazing script, where Roberts, a sensitive, shy, virgin, is torn between her soccer coach(Franco) and her sweet, stoner boyfriend, Jack Kilmer. Again, yes, Val’s son. 

Now if that hasn't got your interest peaked, the only thing that might is an awesome trailer. Here's one I made earlier.

The festival will announce the full schedule for the weekend next week, so if so want to check it out then, or see what's already planned, head on over to