'Finding Nemo' is now 17 years old and it still holds up as one of Disney Pixar's best movies.

You'd forget what a great cast it had between Al Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Willem Dafoe, Allison Janney and Geoffrey Rush. Lesser known is Alex Gould who voiced Nemo.

Gould was just 9 years old when he landed the role and he has continued acting since, best-known now for his role on 'Weeds'.

You mightn't have noticed he didn't return for 2013's 'Finding Dory'. Instead, Nemo was voiced by Hayden Rolence in the sequel.

Gould's voice broke and now the actor sounds completely different to that chirpy, high-pitched voice you once knew.

Nemo's original voice is gone folks, long gone.

Gould did get a cameo in 'Finding Dory' though, playing the truck driver in the finale. You can watch an interview with the actor in which he reflects on his career and work with Pixar below.

You can skip to 12:47 to hear a side by side comparison.