When the story of Ireland is written, Jack Charlton's name will feature.

Arriving in Ireland at a time when Anglo-Irish relations were almost at an all-time low, few people would have expected an Englishman to be taken to Ireland's heart in the way that he was. Blunt but charismatic, determined but affable, Jack Charlton was the face of Ireland's fortunes in the '90s when it came to international football.

Indeed, his passing earlier this year sparked out an outpouring of grief and memory, and it's fitting then that his life and his career is now being told on screen with a new documentary. 'Finding Jack Charlton' takes through his career as a player on the England '66 team, through to his managerial career, and finally, to his retirement and eventual decline from dementia.

With a rollicking soundtrack from U2 - The Edge is one of the documentary's producers - and archival footage and interviews with those who knew him best. The documentary arrives in cinemas and on VOD from November.