An early screening for David Fincher's latest opus, The Social Network, has taken place exclusively for some influential online writers, to a pretty staggering response.

While the likes of and can be very hit and miss with regards to reviews (Aititcool head honcho Harry Knowles in particular has questionable taste - Inception gets a slate, while the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake and The Expendables get raves), both of those sites loved the film. But it was's Drew McWeeney, easily one of the finest critics ploughing his trade online, who offered substantial praise. McWeeney wrote "Together (Fincher and writer Aaron Sorkin), what they've crafted is emotionally intense, surprisingly funny, and genuinely significant. This is an astounding film about one of the most important seismic shifts in communication in the modern age, and the way innovation and ethics are not often related."

The Social Network is released in America in October, and here soon after. Expect it to feature heavily in Oscar race 2011.