David Fincher has spoken to MTV about his next two possible projects, Chef and Heavy Metal, as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button continues to gather Oscar momentum. On Chef he says: "It's really about the creative process. It's truly an aromatic art-form, making food. I love that idea. And I love Keanu's (Reeves) passion for that world." Looks like that could be next ahead of Torso, despite Matt Damon becoming attached to the serial killer flick. On Heavy Metal Fincher spewed: "We have like twenty-four stories and artwork for it. I have time to do one or two and I have dibs on eight or nine, so somewhere in there we’ll figure it out if we can ever get the money together." We're betting that if (the brilliant) Benjamin Button hits as big as it should at the box office and Oscars, then he'll have no trouble attracting funding for filming a turd floating in his swimming pool for an hour and a half.