If you had any hopes of 'Aquaman' being a character-driven piece of cinema with rich dialogue and grounded and muted moments of drama, this trailer will crush all of them in an instant.

There are literally prehistoric-looking sharks with lasers attached to their heads. Jason Momoa lifts a submarine out of the water. Willem Dafoe flies (sort of) underwater. You've even got Dolph Lundgren in there. Dolph Lundgren, like.

What seems apparent from the final trailer for 'Aquaman' is that they're not only pushing the CGI, but also the humour in the piece. It's a good idea, especially considering how self-serious 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' was.

Not only that, think about 'Suicide Squad' and how that tried to crowbar the jokes in. Here, at least it looks like they actually tried to work them in naturally.

'Aquaman' hits Irish cinemas on December 14th.