Time is nigh for the final installment of Twilight to be upon us. Will it be so good as to vindicate Kristen Stewart's name (Trampire) since cheating on the one and only real life version of Edward Cullen? (I'm STILL not over it.) Will it be the blood-filled cherry atop the Twilight franchise cake? Will you be sinking your teeth into it? (Weh weh) Or will you be glad to see the back of it? Well whichever side of the fence you may find yourself, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is causing quite the buzz.

They've just released their final poster; maybe it's just me but running mid photo always looks weird, doesn't it?

And here's a few new stills from the movie to get your... erm... blood pumping? Apologies. I'm well and truly spent of all vampire related analogies.