In some seriously unsurprising news, Lionsgate have revealed that the final instalment in The Hunger Games "trilogy" Mockingjay, will be made into two separate films.

Harry Potter really has a lot to answer for. The final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn was also split in two - with the first one being complete and utter drivel. And I quite liked the third one. Anyhow, I haven't read any of the 'Games' books, but from what I hear they're far superior to that of the Twilight series. Francis Lawrence is currently prepping work on the second in the series, Catching Fire, after original helmer Gary Ross bounced, citing the tight timeframe he had to make the film.

Catching Fire opens in November 2013, while the other two films will bow in the same month in 2014 and 2015. That's Thanksgiving for American audiences, which means the movies can play into the Christmas holidays.