Who needs Hollywood when we have the North Circular Road, wha!

Filming has already begun on North Circular Road, a flick that will be brought to you by Red Piranha, in association with Dark Window Media and Red Line Filmes. No prizes for guessing that it's being filmed on the North Circular Road. Directed by Paul Heary and Donal Nugent from a script by Nugent, the film will star Judy Donovan, Pat O'Donnell, Lorna Larkin, Irene Wright, Patrick Molloy and Mick Fitzgerald. The film also introduces German actress Vanessa Richter.

What's the shtory? Well we don't know an awful lot about it yet, other than the fact that it centres on Janice and Matthew, a pair of young lovebirds on the cusp of buying their dream home. Janice encounters ghosts in the house and soon finds herself wrapped up in a chilling drama being played out before her eyes. Spooky.

So keep yizzer eyes peeled for the film crew!