Whether you've had a long few days at work or you want a taste of luxury during the week, then cracking open a nice wine, having a home-cooked meal and sitting down on the couch to enjoy a movie is a great way to spend an evening, but you can make it even better if you match the right wine to the right film.

While pairing wines with movies might not be the most usual thing in the world, you can also perfectly capture the mood of a film and make it a more memorable experience by finding a wine that will perfectly compliment what's happening on the screen, as well as serving up the perfect meal to make the combination complete. We've picked a few of our favourite flicks, as well as some great wines, that will make your next night in on the couch one to remember. 

The Godfather

A true cinematic classic, an evening watching The Godfather will always be time well spent, and there's no doubting that wine features heavily both in the original book, and in the famous big screen adaptation. While the family drinks mostly their own home-made wine, you can get your hands on this combination of grapes from Italy from Piccini, a winemaker that's as deepy rooted in the Italian tradition as the Corleone family. Memoro is a bold blend that has a rich flavour with notes of coffee, another vitally important aspect of Italian food, so there's no arguing that this is the perfect fit for this movie. 


Don't worry, this list won't be entirely based around Italian Mafia movies, but the famous prison dinner scene is one that makes for a perfect wine pairing. Red is a great choice if you want to put together the same sauce as described in the film, as it uses three different kinds of meat. If you're not feeling up to using a razor blade to cut your garlic extra thin, then a perfectly-cooked steak that's 100% Irish beef will do the job, while this Marqués de Riscal Reserva, with its spicy aromas and notes of rich dark berries, is the perfect accompaniment that will bring the flavours evoked in the movie to the fore.


This movie is full of delicious looking food, so be forewarned that you're going to be hungry while you watch it. There's plenty of cheese and fried food on the menu in John Favreau's truck, so a nice refreshing, sweet white will cut through those flavours and really stand out. This Jacobs Creek Riesling is acidic with hints of citrus, but still has the sweetness that you expect to get from the famous grape, meaning that it won't be too harsh for those who don't want anything too dry.

The Secret in Their Eyes

There's already an English-language version of this hit Argentine movie in the works (apparently Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts will star), so you can get ahead of the trend here by watching it in the original Spanish, and maybe impressing a potential love-interest with your knowledge of foreign cinema by picking this up and pairing it with the right wine for a romantic night in. It's a pretty intense movie, so the full flavours of a great Malbec, like this one from Trapiche will complement it nicely. The intense aromas of plum, cherries and spice will compliment a good steak perfectly, while evoking the sounds and smells of Argentina as you get caught up in the drama unfolding before your eyes. 


It wouldn't be a proper piece about pairing wine and movies if we didn't include Sideways on the list, perhaps the most famous movie about wines. While there are any number of wines, grapes and blends featured, this Wyndham Estate Bin 555 Shiraz is a highly awarded wine that's perfect for matching with food as well as this movie, thanks to its smooth, velvety texture and rich berry flavours. Top off the perfect night in by serving up a steak, pouring out a glass and putting your feet up to get the experience of travelling through wine country without having to even leave your couch. 

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