Former Skins star Nicholas Hoult has spent his fair share of time climbing that beanstalk to Box Office stardom and it looks like Jack The Giant Slayer (and zombie flick Warm Bodies) could be his next big breakthrough role. Though in fairness, he'd be hard pushed to top About A Boy, I mean, those eyebrows, that hat; priceless.

The latest poster for Bryan Singer's upcoming fairy tale epic dropped this week and sees Mr Hoult aka Jack staring right into the belly of what would appear to be a rather gigantic stone beast. Wouldn't fit that water feature in your back garden inallinanyways.

Mr Hoult heads up a pretty stellar cast for the flick. Stanley Tucci, Ewan McGregor and Ian McShane are all on board. With Singer behind the camera and Christopher McQuarrie in charge of the script, we're sure Jack The Giant Slayer will be a rip roaring adventure. It hits Irish cinemas on March 22nd.