If you've watched Legion (if you haven't, definitely get on it), you'll know that its showrunner Noah Hawley has a firm grasp on the weirdness that is comic-book heroes in general.

In fact, Legion actively embraced the weirdness instead of trying to explain it away - which is what made that show so interesting and fun to watch. As Comic-Con heads into its second day, the latest news so far has it that Noah Hawley is now actively developing a Doctor Doom film for Fox.

In a two word statement - literally - Hawley confirmed the news to rapturous applause at the FX Legion panel, with no word on who's directing, who'll be playing Victor Von Doom, or any word on a release date.

For those who don't know, Victor Von Doom is the arch-enemy of the Fantastic Four and has appeared in both movies - the cheesy one with Jessica Alba and the mess with Miles Teller and Kate Mara - but, in both instances, they never really got it right. In fairness, he's a character who is literally encased in a metal suit who rules an Eastern European country so it's a difficult ask of any director, writer or actor - but maybe Hawley's weird enough to get it right.

Toby Kebbell played the most recent version of Dr. Doom in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four, but as mentioned, there's no word on whether or not he's going to be reprising his role for Hawley's version.

Either way, Dr. Doom from the guy who made Legion and Fargo sounds too promising to ignore.