In the middle of all the hub-bub (that's a nice word) around the announcement of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one drop of news may have been lost in it all.

Namely, the first property previously owned by Fox and now Disney / Marvel to get a movie will be none other than 'Fantastic Four'. Kevin Feige made the announcement and confirmed it to Variety later that evening, but hastened to add that there was no cast, no story and no script - merely that it was going to happen.

"I'm extremely excited about those characters, and about bringing Marvel's First Family up to the level that they deserve," Feige told Variety.

'Fantastic Four' have been around almost as long as some of the mainstays of Marvel, including Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. So far, there's been three live-action 'Fantastic Four' movies, including the recent ill-fated reboot with Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara.

While none of them exactly set the world on fire (that's a Human Torch joke, folks) or had major box office success, there's no doubt a lot of pressure on Marvel Studios to make 'Fantastic Four' work. The scuttlebutt is that the House of Mouse is eager to try and land none other than John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic and Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman.

It'd make sense, seeing as how Krasinski nearly played Captain America and Emily Blunt was also in contention for Black Widow once upon a time. The question then naturally goes to who'll play Ben Grimm / The Thing and Johnny Storm / The Human Torch. On top of that, you've also got Doctor Doom to cast as well, and that's never been done right either.

At any rate, no release date has been set for 'Fantastic Four', but expect more news on this in the coming months and years.