It was seen as somewhat of a gamble for Warner Brothers, but it looks like, so far at least, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a hit for the studio.

The Harry Potter prequel is on course to clear an estimated $75 million this weekend, with a global haul somewhere around $200 million. They are strong numbers that would've ranked fifth domestically with the Potter franchise.

Warners needs 'Beasts' to hit as they've invested huge money already, with five films planned and Johnny Depp already signed on for the next one. Production costs on the movie are estimated to be around $170 million - with similar again for advertising. 

The good news is that the film was given an 'A' Cinema Score by audiences. That means that repeat business is likely to be strong and that it should show a shallow drop-off in box-office in the coming weeks and months.