So fanatical are fans (well, duh) about The Wolverine, they've taken to stealing the vast majority of outdoor posters for the upcoming movie.

20th Century Fox have had no choice but to fork out to replace a staggering 50% of their materials for their outdoor campaign. Still though, it's a good sign that people are extremely eager for this movie to land in cinemas.

And these aren't just your average movie posters, they're pretty cool artwork that any fan of the story would be thrilled to adorn their walls with. Though it's not exactly recommended that you go cracking glass and stealing the artwork to satisfy your filmic desires. The Wolverine himself might have a word to say about that.

Collider's Steve Frosty Weintraub had a few words with one of the execs while at CinemaCon where he discovered this interesting revelation: While at the Fox presentation at CinemaCon, I was to talking to a few of their executives and I mentioned how much I loved the poster. I found out Tony Sella, Fox's Chief Creative Officer, came up with the Sumi Ink concept and it’s being stolen on a daily basis all over the country. The execs told me they’ll need to replace over 50% of the bus shelters. I think while it’s a good problem to have, it’s still an issue, because they paid for an ad buy and they want to make sure people see the poster.