Hunger Games fans listen up!

HMV on Grafton Street has been selected as one of 12 'District' stores to host a 'Reaping' on Sun 2nd Sept to celebrate the release of the DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download of The Hunger Games on Monday September 3rd. What does this mean? Well if you're a dab hand with your smart phone, you can check yourself in via Foursquare (between 2 and 3pm at HMV Grafton St) to be in with the chance of winning tickets to the UK Premiere of second installment in the trilogy, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. (The movie will be released in Ireland on November 22nd.)

How will the winners be selected? The winners (or 'Tributes', if you will) will be drawn at a 'capitol' live reaping at 3pm (live from the Oxford St HMV in London).

In the Oxford Street store, a ‘Capitol Representative’ will conduct a live Reaping after 3pm. They will select names from two fish bowls, just like in the film. The first name will be taken from a bowl holding the names of the 24 Regional District winners. The second name will be taken from a bowl holding all the names of attendees at Oxford Street branch. These two lucky Tributes will each win a pair or tickets to UK premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – the much anticipated follow up to the first installment.

Although only a select few can be chosen as Tributes to battle for the ultimate prize, 100 lucky attendees at each store will have the opportunity to purchase the HMV exclusive 3 disc double play steelbook a full day ahead of the national release. In additional the 24 regional tributes will each receive a The Hunger Games goody bag.