Seeing as the entire world has fallen head over heels in love with Jennifer Lawrence, since winning her Best Actress Oscar on Sunday, it makes sense that we'd enter into a global bidding war to nab the clothes she wore in Silver Linings Playbook. Well maybe not, maybe this is a bit extreme. Whether you want to own the garments to sniff yourself to sleep at night, or you think it'd be a cool piece of memorabilia to own, if you've got $2500 dollars (the current bid on Lawrence's dance outfit from the film) sitting around, you can now put it to good (or awful) use.

Not only can you bid for Lawrence's clothes, you can also get hold of that bin bag Bradley Cooper was rocking for pretty much the entire film. No, we're just kidding. That'd be ridiculous. Wonder how much a bin-liner would go for if they did auction it though? Cooper did sweat in it. A lot. So we reckon it'd be now worth quite a bit.

US Auction house Nate D Sanders have listed a selection of items from David O Russell's Oscar-nominated drama online. Fancy adding a grey hoody or a pair of mundane leggings to your wardrobe? Here's how.