It's wet, windy and downright MISERABLE outside so what better to brighten up your Friday morning than by finding out a little bit more about Iron Man 3? If spoilers aren't your thing then we suggest you look away right now, but if you just can't contain yourself until April 26th, read on!

So, we all know Iron Man 3 sees Tony Stark heading up against the Mandarin, but now SuperHeroHype reports that  producer Kevin Feige has been chit chatting about the plot and some of the finer points of the new story have been revealed.

It's pretty evident that Rhodes has become the Iron Patriot, and Feige let slip that himself and Tony Stark have made a bit of a deal. "Tony has let Rhodey have this suit; he’s using it in conjunction with the US Government", Feige explained. "So, at the beginning of Iron Man 3, we see that the President has asked Rhodey as War Machine to get a new paint job and take on the new moniker of the Iron Patriot in order to do American business and be the American hero as opposed to The Avengers or Iron Man himself, who is sort of a separate entity." Oooh, angst.

“In a way it becomes a buddy action film, in the third act, where they team up. Neither of them have a suit at a certain point in the movie and they really team up in a great, sort of old-fashioned action movie way and Don and Robert have such an amazing rapport", he said. Here here, Kevin, here here!

And what about Guy Pearce? What's his character, Aldrich Killian, going to bring to the table? "Killian heads a brain-trust organization called AIM that is developing Extremis," Feige said, "which is something that taps into human DNA and is able to reprogram it and regenerate limbs and enhance strength and cure wounds. But it also could change the whole world, which is what Killian intends to do with it."

Brilliant scientists who want to change the world? Now where have we heard that one before? Catch Iron Man 3 when it hits Irish cinemas on April 26th.