It’s been confirmed, via Deadline, that the director of The Expendables 3, Patrick Hughes, will helm the bigger budgeted remake of the best action film ever made, The Raid.

Yeah, we said it!

While it might seem annoying that the belting Indonesian slug-fest is being remade at all, we asked the films director Gareth Evans about it when he was in Dublin a couple of years ago and he was delighted it was going ahead. He’ll be serving as Executive Producer, while the fight choreography team who worked on The Raid and its about to be released sequel, The Raid 2: Berandal, are all also on board for the American version.

Hughes, while not exactly well known, is a young director with plenty of buzz. His debut feature, Red Hill has amassed a cult following and led to The Expendables 3. The latter can only be an improvement on the first sequel, which was more messy than fun. It’s also a big test of Hughes to deal with that many big names while still fairly new to the game.

Regardless, The Raid can most likely not be bested; but it will be interesting to see how it translates.