2014 has many exciting movies in store but it's always the most talked about comedies that get us rearing to go for the new year. One such offering from the folks at Universal is a little movie called Neighbors, starring the inimitable Seth Rogen, the equally as stunning as she is hilarious Rose Byrne, Zac Efron (no adjectives necessary), Dave Franco (James's younger brother) and a whole host of supporting actors.

Christmas has come early here at entertainment.ie as we bring you an exclusive look at Neighbors for you to feast your mince pies on.

As for the plot? Seth and Rose star as a happy couple, living blissfully in the company of their baby daughter only for said bliss to be disturbed by the arrival of Efron, Franco and their entire fraternity into the house next door to theirs. In an attempt to coerce the fraternity into keeping relatively quiet and respecting the fact that they live next door to a newborn, Rogen and Byrne try their best at being cool. As you can imagine, all manner of lols ensue.

Each year offers up many a mediocre comedy. This one, however, looks really damn good. Funny too. With an original premise and ROFL-worthy laughs, we've high hopes that Neighbors will stand confidently on its own two feet.

Check out the trailer above via UPI Puma.  Neighbors hits Irish cinemas in May 2014.