Batman fans will be well aware of all the rumours circulating online about an alleged reboot. But who will be at the helm? I know Chris Nolan won't be involved; he told me himself when we met for The Dark Knight Rises back in July. He only ever envisaged a trilogy and like most smart film-makers, he's leaving on a high. But the way his final movie drew to a close, *spoiler alert!* you'd be forgiven for assuming a follow on is on the cards, and one with Joseph Gordon Levitt as the titular caped crusader. There's been lots of potential directors names thrown about. One such name in the mix is Looper's writer and director Rian Johnson.

Speaking exclusively to, Rian dispelled some of the rumours revealing that while he hasn't signed on for anything yet, he's not at all opposed to the idea. After all, himself and Joseph Gordon Levitt make one hell of a team, having worked previously on Brick and now on Looper.

Laughing heartily when I posed the Million Dollar Question Rian said: "Oh I don’t know, I have no idea what they are gonna do next with it but yeah, you hear the rumours. I guess that stuff always flies around whenever something is in flux like it is but for me right now I'm concentrating on writing my next film." But what if it comes up? Will he consider taking it on? "You know if it comes up then I’ll think about it then but it definitely hasn't come up yet"

Well like Batman, I guess we're pretty much still in the dark on this one. What we did find out though is that a musical could be next on the cards for our main man, JGL; "I hope to be working with Joe for the rest of our lives. I was talking with Joe about musicals the other day and we said it'd be fun to do a musical, I'm a huge musical theatre geek and Joe would be great! He's got to do a musical. I don't know whether we'll do a musical or not but he's got to do one, he's made for it."

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