Oh sweet mother o' jaysus. This is the part of my job that I don't particularly relish: watching clips of Paranormal Activity 4. Not because it's not shaping up to be a cracker of a horror movie and one that will finally answer some questions about the origins of the story, tying it all up in a nice, petrifying bow, but rather because I'm a complete and utter p*ssy. Admittedly, watching it from behind a cushion makes me almost cry with fear, retreat to the mental age of 7 where the only safe place to hide was behind your mammy, 'cause mammys are innately good at keeping supernatural demons at bay y'see. Still, it's such a thrilling franchise I can't help but look. Can you?

Click here to watch the latest Paranormal Activity 4 viral, brought to you exclusively by entertainment.ie. Check here for more viral clips and see if you're able to (or in my case, brave enough) to piece the story together.

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