In an Irish exclusive, we got to talk to action director Rob Cohen about his new film The Hurricane Heist as well as one of our favourite topics – the importance of entertainment.

As well as directing The Hurricane Heist, Cohen has helmed the likes of xXx, Dragon: The bruce Lee Story, Dragonheart and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor over the years as well as serving as executive producer on cult classic Monster Squad and Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer The Running Man.

He is best-known for directing the very first The Fast and Furious movie, and we chat to him about the experience and the legacy that has followed the movie.

We also chatted about the stunts, effects and some of the talent of The Hurricane Heist – including Maggie Grace who’s gone from the daughter who needs saving in Taken to the front-of-action heroine in this new movie – as well the movie industry in general really.

Check out the interview here:


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