We've got an exclusive on two brand new posters from Darren Aronofsky's Noah, starring the one and only Russell Crowe in the titular role, and if there's one thing this dude wants you to get from the below, it's that his next cinematic offering is going to be all kinds of epic.

In the first poster we have the green-eyed Jennifer Connolly looking a fair bit frazzled as a tsunami wreaks havoc on her humble surroundings. If only we could all look that fresh-faced as the world is about to end, wha?

Then below that, we have Noah himself sporting a pretty epic beard (we're all for the beards in entertainment.ie at the mo, head over yonder to our beard-enthused feature to find out why), no doubt contemplating how he plans to save his family from the flood he knows is coming. He saw such apocalyptic events in a biblical vision, y'see.