Viggo Mortensen’s trademark quiet strength and enigmatic stillness works to impressive effect in Ana Piterbarg’s moody and evocative drama Everybody Has a Plan, largely set against backdrop of Argentina’s tough and isolated Tigre Delta.

In Buenos Aires, Agustín (Mortensen) leads a comfortable life as a doctor. But he is depressed and restless, and when his wife (Soledad Villamil) wants to adopt a child he – very gently – snaps. His wife goes away on business, but the next day his identical twin brother Pedro (also Mortensen) arrives on an unexpected visit. Pedro announces that he has a terminal illness and, in a sudden decision, Agustín takes Pedro’s identity and travels to the Tigre Delta, where the two brothers spent their youth. Agustín finds himself embroiled in Pedro’s criminal past, and inheriting the vendettas of old, murderous acquaintances.

Beautifully shot by Lucio Bonelli, the film is nicely constructed by debut writer/director Ana Piterbarg who layers in gentle twists and turns and keeps the story suspenseful. Though at heart Everybody Has a Plan is an old-fashioned crime film, it is packed with intriguing personalities facing tough decisions in an attempt to find the right life for them.

Mark Adams, Screen International