As we reported last week, the trailer showing Danny McBride as Crocodile Dundee's son returning to Australia turned out to be nothing more than a Super Bowl ad for Tourism Australia.

The advertising campaign - which cost a reported $27 million - went down a storm of social media, with the real Paul Hogan licensing the character to Tourism Australia for free and all the Australian actors donating their time for the advert. However, while everyone may have immediately clocked it for what it was, it now appears that people want the real thing.

Australian outlet NT News have launched a petition to get the film up and running, and are collecting signatures to gauge public interest. The original film, released back in 1986, featured the Northern Territory quite prominently, and it's hoped that if a real film were to be made, it'd have even more of an effect on the region and bring more tourists there.

So, the question's over to you - would you want to see a new version of Crocodile Dundee? You can sign the petition here.


Via NT News