Ah, Spider-Man 3. That bloated disaster of a comic-book film. How could we ever possibly forget it?

In a time when Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are throwing shapes on screen as Spider Man and Not Mary-Jane Watson, you'd almost pine for a bit of Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.

And then you see Spider-Man 3 and it all comes crashing back.

The film's director, Sam Raimi, feels the same way about it. And he directed the thing.

How did he describe it in a recent interview? "Awful!"

"It’s a movie that just didn’t work very well. I tried to make it work, but I didn’t really believe in all the characters, so that couldn’t be hidden from people who loved Spider-Man. If the director doesn’t love something, it’s wrong of them to make it when so many other people love it."

Raimi's been open about his distaste for Spider-Man 3 and, indeed, the entire studio system in the past.

He publicly admitted, before beginning production on the third Spider-Man film, that he didn't like the Venom character - hence why it's barely mentioned in the film.

That's all and well good - not liking a character - but it doesn't forgive this shit.


via Collider.com / Nerdist Podcast