Eva Mendes really dislikes filming sex scenes. She even hates doing them with her boyfriend, Ryan Gosling. Cue women everywhere loathing her entirely for ever uttering such a ridiculous statement. You can't be in bed with Mr Gosling and complain, kay?

Even though the 39-year-old actress plays the love interest of her real life boyfriend Ryan Gosling in new movie 'The Place Beyond the Pines', she admitted filming the romantic scenes were still difficult.

She told Us Weekly magazine: 'Love scenes are awful. Let's just say that. They're always awkward.'

However, Eva says working with Ryan was great because he helped to make her better.

She said: 'We knew each other for years before filming. You can be friends with someone and not like how they work but I respect him so much. He certainly upped my game.'

Eva has also recently said she gets upset when people call her sexy, because there is so much more to her than just looks.

She said: 'Being sexy is just one component of who I am - it's a thing I can be. It's a side of myself I can tap into, just like I can tap into my funny side, my quirky side or my dramatic side. It's not what I am.

'I know I can do the kind of work where people are going to recognise me just as much for my determination and sensitivity and humour as for being sexy.'