Well, well, well, in news that would delight Ari Gold himself, Entourage has apparently been given the green light for a big screen adaptation. Yup, you're not dreaming, looks like Vince and the boys will be headed for the big screen in the not too distant future, with series creator Doug Elin on board to write and direct.

Deadline says the film is thought to be set six months before the events of the TV series finale. If you missed it, Vince was getting ready to get married and Ari was mulling over the idea of becoming a studio head.

All Ellin's revealed thus far is that the gang are "still hanging out and going to fun parties". Adrian Grenier and co are sitting down with Warner Bros to talk about reprising their roles and sure don't you know there's a good chance there'll be plenty of A-List cameos!

Are you ready to see the boys on the big screen?