Twihards assemble! It's FINALLY here, well almost, and is getting ready for Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Yep, we finally get to see the very last installment of The Twilight Saga and we don’t know whether to rejoice or sob uncontrollably...
As I type, our very own Caroline Foran is sitting down with RPatz, KStew and Taylor Lautner in London. Well, sitting/collapsing when she locks eyes with RPatz in the hotel hallway and talking wigs with Taylor. We hear he wishes he'd kept that mop top from Twilight and wants to come to Ireland. She’ll be giving us the inside story later this week with a diary of all the sights, smells and much more. We're well jeal.

Back in Dublin, we’ll be kickin it with the Twihards at tonight’s Irish screening with live photos of the event right here from 9pm! PLUS, we’ll be telling you what those lucky ticket holders thought of the last EVER Twilight flick tomorrow morning. All you creatures of the night had better be sure to keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter because we’ll have our review of the film live from 11pm tonight and Caroline’s interviews fresh from London on Friday.

But if you can't wait that long to get your Twilight fix, never fear! You can find out how Caroline got on when she met Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reid earlier this year, take a sneak peek at all the latest clips and even go behind the scenes with RPatz and the gang. PLUS you can check out the style from the LA Premiere. Sure wouldn't that be enough to get your blood pumping?