Emma Thompson is in early talks to join 'Cruella', a live-action origin story based on the '101 Dalmatians' villain.

However Emma Thompson won't be playing Cruella De Vil herself. That role has already been assigned to fellow Emma actress - Emma Stone.

The 1961 animated classic '101 Dalmatians' was a hit for Disney.

It was previously made into a live action movie with Glenn Close in the role of Cruella. Indeed the 1996 film - which had a sequel in 2000 - was the first of the cycle of Disney live action remakes we're still seeing.

Thompson previously starred in the live action remake of 'Beauty of the Beast.' Her exact role in 'Cruella' is currently unknown. It’s also unknown where the movie will pick up in de Vil’s timeline.

'I, Tonya' director Craig Gillespie is helming the film with Marc Platt, Kristin Burr and Andrew Gunn producing.

Tony McNamara penned the most recent version of the script while Dana Fox wrote a previous draft.

'Cruella' hits cinemas on December 23, 2020.

The next Disney live action movie to hit cinemas is 'Aladdin', with the release date of May 22nd.