Anyone remember fashion icon of the '90s Rita Repulsa?

Her headdress / use of acrylic nails notwithstanding, Repulsa was one of the main villains in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and was a source of mirth and amusement for just about anyone over the age of 25.

So, naturally enough, there's a reboot on the way and a cast of unknowns have been lined up to play the Power Rangers, however the first recognisable name we've seen attached is none other than Elizabeth Banks, who'll be playing Rita Repulsa.

The director of Project Almanac - which made it into A LOT of Worst of 2015 lists - is helming here with the writers of Gods of Egypt and The Last Witch Hunter weaving their magic here.

So, thoughts on all of this? The morphing of awfulness going on here really is quite something. Project Almanac's director working with the writers of The Last Witch Hunter and a cast of unknowns? Amazing. Most likely, we think, Power Rangers will end up being a so-bad-it's-good thing and, honestly, that's all you can really hope for when you're taking on Power Rangers.