You thought you were finished with Fifty Shades, didn't you?

The hype has died down, the film is now lying there in cinemas and everyone feels dirtier. Not so. You're going to have more Fifty Shades pretty soon.

And, by all accounts, it's going to be WAY more explicit if EL James, the novel's author, has her way.

It's been widely reported that EL James and director Sam Taylor-Johnson clashed regularly on set, with James demanding more sex scenes and changes to the script.

It's not yet confirmed, but it's understood that Taylor-Johnson will NOT be returning for the sequels, nor will screenwriter Kelly Marcel.

You've got to think, at this point, that no credible screenwriter / director will want anything to do with Fifty Shades - especially considering the negative attention it brings down on people's careers and the fact that the author seems to be getting her way whenever she likes.

EL James has demanded that she write the script for Fifty Shades Darker, however this will undoubtedly mean that the release date will be pushed back as James has never written a script before (or a book, going by the whole thing in general).

James' contract for the original stated that she had final creative control over the entire project, something that's almost unprecedented in films based on source material. In most cases, the author is taken on as a creative consultant and used as a resource rather than an arbiter.

Undoubtedly, James will use the film's massive box-office success and potential for sequels as a way of getting what she wants. Either way, one thing is certain. Fifty Shades Darker is happening whether we like it or not.


Via Variety