A film that was all set to star Tom Cruise appears to have undergone a sex change. Edwin A. Salt had a number of A-list actors interested and it appears that Tom Cruise, in his role of Hollywood royalty, stepped in and claimed first dibs. The movie is an espionage thriller which concerns a CIA officer who is wrongly accused of being a spy and must evade capture long enough to establish innocence. Sounds very Jason Bourne, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, in a rather odd turn it looks as though Angelina Jolie has replaced Cruise in the title role. It goes without saying that due to the gender change of the title character, the script will have to undergo some heavy-duty changes but it appears to be a wise move on the part of the producers as Jolie is one of those rare female action stars in a genre populated almost entirely by men called Vin and Jean-Claude.