As previously reported, Ed Sheeran plans on bringing his innate sense of annoyingly placid likability and sleepy agreeableness to the cinematic stage in the near future, but it now looks like it's happening sooner rather than later.

According to industry bible Deadline, Sheeran is in talks to star in the Richard Curtis-scripted, Danny Boyle-directed musical comedy in the near future. Plot details are light, but it's understood Sheeran would be joining Lily James of Cinderella fame and Eastenders alum Himesh Patel and that we can probably expect Ed Sheeran's unique bland - sorry, blend -  of utterly forgettable music in there as well.

Boyle does, however, have a small indie project called Bond 25 lined up to direct, so it may just be that he does this before that or perhaps that whole Syria / World War III thing that's currently brewing takes us all out before this makes it onto a cinema screen.

Here's hoping.


Via Deadline