Yes, another unnecessary remake is on its way. Is it a sign of the creative dearth in the entertainment industry? Or possibly just Hollywood playing it safe and only commissioning films which they think are sure things at the box office? Probably a bit of both.

Anyway, today's latest remake to be announced is the much loved Naked Gun. As reported by Variety over the weekend, Paramount are looking to reboot the Leslie Nielsen classic with Hangover star Ed Helms in the lead role.

The original Naked Gun came out in 1988 and was followed up by 2 sequels that took a combined $275m at the box office. I think we've just found the reason for the remake.

Helms rose to fame in the US version of The Office and then became somewhat of a household name through The Hangover franchise. He was also critically acclaimed for his performance in the 2011 film Jeff, Who Lives At Home and turned in a great performance in the under rated Cedar Rapids.

He certainly has the comedic talent to follow in Nielsen's footsteps; then again this could always end up as another in the long line remake disasters. If that does happen, at least we'll always have the original.