March 8th's release of 'Captain Marvel' can't come quick enough. That is, if these early press reviews are to be believed.

Brie Larson takes on the titular role of Captain Marvel on the big screen in a couple of week's time. An early press screening of the upcoming Marvel flick took place recently, and forget about the rumours you've been hearing, because it sounds like one epic superhero ride.

Unfortunately, the past number of days has seen sexist online haters, create a lot of negative buzz surrounding Larson's new release. Although it hasn't been confirmed, it's believed that these keyboard warriors are all in their late 40's, still live in their parents' basement, and are afraid of amazing women finally getting their own screen time.

We need less hate, and more love online please. Here's a roundup of reviews for Marvel's pre-Thanos showdown, 'Captain Marvel.'

It's "Unlike any other Marvel movie."


There's a lot of love for Ben Mendelsohn, who plays shape-shifting Skull leader, Talos. Plus... the cat?




There are pre and post-credits scenes...


"Larson is awesome."

We'll take "a little wobbly" over a lot of other superhero-related flicks from the past few years.


"Pure joy"


We all have that stubborn, witty 90's kid inside all of us.


There's even a Stan Lee nod.


Put simply -


Larson even liked the Captain Marvel fan page tweet.


And in response to the hate the movie has pre-maturely been receiving, fans are ready to take down the spammers.

'Captain Marvel' will release on Friday, March 8th. Stay tuned for our review coming soon.