Dwayne Johnson is a charismatic, talented movie star, who really should have Hollywood at his feet by now. But he's had very few good films - the best of which is by far Welcome to the Jungle - and that probably won't change with the news that he'll replace Brendan Fraser in Journey to the Centre of the Earth sequel, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

The actor formally known as The Rock looked to be going back to his ass-whooping roots with the cracking looking action flick, Faster; but is evidently still keen on doing one for the kids. According to Dark Horizons, original star Fraser is not returning due to scheduling issues, but Josh Hutcherson will reprise his role. Rock will play Hutcherson's mother's new boyfriend who goes on an adventure with him.

I'm shocked Fraser didn't make time for this one. The original is one of the few hits he had in the past few years.